How to Logout of Google Chrome

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Google Chome is a web browser serviced by Google. It is one of the most used browsers that features a user-friendly interface with enhanced security options. It is supported by all android, ios and windows powered devices. You can browse with the Google Chrome and customize it to enhance your browsing experience.

Users can save their passwords, save bookmarks, view recent search history using their Chrome Account. It might happen that you are handing over your device to another person. For security reasons, you must log out of your Google Chrome Account. Read on to find a detailed guideline to the logout process.

How to Logout of Google Chrome

Step 1- Users who wish to log out from their Google Chrome Browser need to click on present on the top right corner of the screen adjacent to the browser address bar.

Google Chrome Homepage

Step 2- Now click on the setting option available in the list.

Google Chrome Sign out

Step 3- Once the chrome setting opens up click on “Disconnect your Google Account”.

Google Chrome Logout

Step 4- A dialog box will pop up to inform the user that changes made on his system will no longer bring any change in his Google Account.Click on the sign out button.

Step 5- Now you have successfully logged out of chrome browser


Mobile Login

Google Chrome can be used on your mobile device. You just need to download the application that supports the operating system of your smartphone and you are ready to go.

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