Dena (Formerly Mobage) Logout

Dena Logo

Dena is a provider of a wide array of a social network of online games. It was formerly known as Mobage which has developed plenty of games to be enjoyed by people. Marvel: War of Heroes, Transformers, Blood Brothers are some of the common games developed by Dena. It has over 30 million active members who access Dena via featured phones.

You must log out of your Dena account whenever inactive. Logging out of current device also lets you access another Dena account on it. So if you are wishing to sign in using a different username or want to log out for security reasons, we are here to provide you with a detailed guideline to the log out procedure.

How to Log Out of Dena (Formerly Mobage) Account

Step 1– Visit or

Step 2– Once you are taken to your account homepage you will find the Dena logo on the top of the screen. Click on it and the select profile.

Step 3– Click on your gamer name and then tap the “Log Out” button.


The above-explained steps to log out of Dena account work on all browser and mobile platforms. You can use the same method on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Android or iPhone.