How to Login to Belkin Router

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Belkin is well-known networking devices and computing accessories manufacturer. They have been outstanding with their product quality and design since years. Their products range from portable battery packs, Keyboards, Mouse, Cables, Charging docks and networking devices like routers and modems. Belkin routers are known for their awesome design and network quality. There are various ranges of broadband routers available ranging from small wi-fi repeating routers to optical fiber gigabit routers. Here we will be guiding you about how to login to Belkin router to configure it, or how to recover access to the router if you have lost the password.

How to Login to Belkin router:

Step 1: Connect your PC to router via Wi-Fi or network cable and open browser type http://router or and press enter. [This will only work if you have not changed the default IP of router]

Step 2: Now, you will need the login username and password. If it’s the default one that came with factory settings, then you can find this details on a label just below the router. Just provide the username and password to login into the router.

What issues you can face:

  1. Router not giving valid IP: If your router does not have DHCP configuration active then it may not give your PC or Phone a valid IP. You will need to provide an IP to your device in the same subnet of your router.
  2. Cable issues: if your computer is showing disconnected notification then check your cable connections.
  3. Browser issues: Just clear your browser cookies or use Incognito mode.

Forgot username and password [reset router]

If you have forgotten router’s username and password, then you are not left out with any option to access your router other than resetting it to factory defaults.  So follow the below detailed steps to reset the router.

Step 1: Find the reset button on the router. It’s mostly marked on the rear of the router just beside the RJ45 ports or on the bottom of the router.

Step 2: Make sure router is powered on, now press the reset button for straight 15 seconds. The router lights will start blinking in series, and then they will switch off and restart. Now, release the reset button.

Now, you can follow the same procedure as mentioned in the above section to login into the router.

In case you are still not able to login, you can contact Belkin Customer support by calling on 1-800-223-5546.